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8,462,525 Wide range DC power supply with bypassed multiplier circuits
7,619,910 Interleaved soft switching bridge power converter
7,289,341 Power supply adaptive feed forward control circuit
7,247,998 Transient detection of end of lamp life condition apparatus and method
7,228,793 Carbonation system for enhancing the flavor of fruits and vegetables
6,979,980 Soft switching interleaved power converter
6,697,265 Wide range DC power supply utilizing voltage doubling output capacitors and
inductive choke to extend full power load impedance range
6,291,944 System and method for limiting through-lamp ground fault currents in non-isolated
electronic ballasts
6,281,641 Electronic ballast for one or more lamps
6,262,565 Electrical load switch
6,204,613 Protected dimming control interface for an electronic ballast
5,959,408 Symmetry control circuit for pre-heating in electronic ballasts
5,877,592 Programmed-start parallel-resonant electronic ballast
5,838,181 Pulse-width modulator for use in low-cost power factor correction circuit
5,831,395 Three-way fluorescent adapter
5,731,666 Integrated-magnetic filter having a lossy shunt
5,650,925 Diode clamping arrangement for use in electronic ballasts
5,635,799 Lamp protection circuit for electronic ballasts
5,614,810 Power factor correction circuit
5,583,402 Symmetry control circuit and method
5,568,041 Low-cost power factor correction circuit and method for electronic ballasts
5,166,869 Complementary electronic power converter
4,922,227 Touch-controlled switch and alarm system